The full texts of the papers presented at our congress and accepted by the journal reviewers will be published in the Ereğli Journal of Agricultural Science.

“V. International Eurasian Agriculture and Natural Sciences Congress will be held between 22-23 October 2021. Hope to meet you at our congress, which will become a science feast with the contributions of expert scientists.

"V. International Eurasian Agriculture and Natural Sciences Congress, our website has been updated with the latest content. You can get all the information and current news about our congress on our website. We expect your valuable contributions to our congress where we talk about the future of agriculture. We wish you success in your work.

Online Congress
The world is developing, Science and Technology are progressing, distances are shortening, communication power is increasing. The COVID19 epidemic that started in China at the end of 2019 spread to the whole world in a short time like 3 months. In this process, millions of people were exposed to infection, tens of thousands of people died. Countries took very strict measures and people could not leave their homes. In this period, many jobs were transferred to digital platform and started to be done online, and the importance of the digital world became more understandable. Our congress to be held in Ukraine / Odessa in October 2021, which was previously determined by our organization committee, was postponed to October 2022 due to the Global Pandemic and it was decided to hold our 5th congress on the digital platform in October 2021.

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